Mortel Fuzz Psychédéliques


Antarcticans are an instrumental psychedelic experimental group formed in 2001.  Composing epic lengthed dark works, they meld intricately crafted pieces with overwhelming amplification in their very own unique conceptual process.  Creating stories, fables, or poems, they aurally translate a universal morality written from Earth's perspective, creating highly emotional soundscapes reflecting on Nature, Love, and Death.  Utilizing vast influences of sounds from global ethnic music, classical works, and experimental film scores, and filtering it through a 5/6 piece noise rock formation, The Antarcticans have a global reputation for their own brand of music as masters of feedback, volume, thematic intensity, and ecstatic beauty. After touring the US in 2006 with Acid Mothers Temple, they recorded their third record with guitarist Kawabata Makoto entitled "Inhumaincentrique", their most lengthy and improvised record to date.  After a hiatus following their last record the band members formed and recorded together under numerous new musical projects.  After properly establishing these groups, The Antarcticans are currently readying to record another record, are scoring a short film, and preparing for live performances in 2011.