Mortel Fuzz Psychédéliques

Kawabata Makoto

Kawabata Makoto is a multi-instrument wielding psychedelic rock and experimental musician from Osaka, Japan.  From his beginnings as a child discovering Stockhausen, he was inspired at a young age to pair an avant-guard musical approach with classic western rock and roll concepts.  With a work ethic rivaling ancient pyramid builders, he has double handedly resurrected psychedelic rock back for the world with well over a decade of touring, and with hundreds of recordings and numerous collaborations with groups and solo musicians. With his first tours of the US and Europe as guitarist of heaviest and most outrageous groups the world had yet to see, Mainliner, Musica Transonic, Toho Sara, and solo performances, these experiences would serve as a prototype for the cult group he would later form and front, Acid Mothers Temple.  As Speed Guru of the Soul Collective of Acid Mothers, he has become a world renown acid rock icon, a prolific producer, mixer, speed freak guitarist, and avant-guard troubadour, with hundreds of records released across the globe bearing his signature ear imploding wah-fuzz guitar, and stream of consciousness improvisation.  Perhaps the world's most accessible live act, touring ritualistically in North America, Europe, and Japan, witnessing Kawabata Makoto may be one's only chance to experience an actual spiritual transmission between a mere mortal and the cosmos.