Mortel Fuzz Psychédéliques


Psychedelic Solid Free Attack Group, Mainliner, were and will always be the world's most powerful Speed-Freak psychedelic rock outfit.  One of many concept groups containing both Nanjo Asahito(High Rise) and Kawabata Makoto(Acid Mothers Temple), Mainliner was a Psychedelic Power-Trio using 60's punk formula to create a solid foundation for "motor psycho" guitar-solo exploration, Ultra Cool echo vocals, and beyond free-jazz drum energy.  Typical of Nanjo's production, Mainliner is the quintessential blown-out Fuzz band, using crushing distortion across the entire mix, killing fidelity but greatly enhancing the intensity and liveness of the listening experience.  Mainliner Sonic, the band's 3rd album, is the most sonically destroyed of all.  Released on CD by Charnel in 1997, Assommer is proud to resurrect this long out of print noise relic onto 12" clear vinyl.  Limited to 500 copies

Watch the rare footage of Mainliner performing Tsukisasaru from Mainliner Sonic!

003:Mainliner, "Mainliner Sonic" LP