Mortel Fuzz Psychédéliques


Shazzula is a psychedelic experimental musician from Brussels, Belgium.  Infamous in her work with Parisian Acid Punk group Aqua Nebula Oscillator, on lead vocals, synthesisers and theremin, she is also a reputable artist, world renown DJ of obscure heavy psych records, and a devilish style icon.  Recently having completed several musical collaborations with heavy psych acts Over-Gain Optimal Death in the US, intergalactic space-rockers White Hills & Farflung in the US and Europe, she is also a recurring collaborator with electronic witch house project Mater Suspiria Vision.  Shazzula is also the brains behind Swamp Booking, a Psychedelic Rock promotion group and blog.  

"The Dark Arts" is a collaboration record with Over-Gain Optimal Death and Shazzula.  From sessions recorded in Los Angeles in just a few black nights in later 2009, the album is a series of completely improvised jams, each guiding lost listeners through a mysterious grey dimension, bursting with screeching wah-solos and vintage synth signals, the recording also marks the premiere of Shazzula's solid fuzz bass attackings in the track "The Opening Void".  Harsh with distorted grit and smoke laden stoner grooves, "The Dark Arts" resembles something of a lost Les Rallizes Denudes instrumental jam-session transmitting frequencies to a distant Hawkwind satellite receiver.

006: Over-Gain Optimal Death ave Shazzula, "The Dark Arts" CD